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An Adventure of the American Mind: Joining Educators and Students With Library of Congress Resources


Edited By:
Rhonda Clevenson, AAM Director
Northern Virginia Schools Partnership

Recommended publications relating to the Library of Congress and the AAM program.

Mary Johnson, 2000 American Memory Fellow
Primary Sources in the Library: A Collaboration Guide for Library Media Specialists.
Linworth Publishing, 2003.
ISBN 1-58683-075-9. $39.95

Collaboration is just around the corner! Filled with practical lessons, this essential
volume introduces librarians to the basic skills needed to integrate primary source
materials into collaborative units with teachers.

Available online at: http://www.linworth.com/publishing_books.cfm

Donna Levene, 1999 American Memory Fellow
American Musicians Making History.
Teacher Ideas Press, 2003.
ISBN 1-56308-950-5. $27.00

This collection of lessons uses picture books and primary sources, such as digitized sheet music and recordings, contemporary accounts, and photographs, to make the history of American music more immediate to students. Perfect as a tie-in to a United States history unit, this book is chronologically arranged and can be used for studying music history or for studying a period in American history through its musicians and music.

Order online at: #

Gail G. Petri, 2000 American Memory Fellow
The American Memory Collections:
Primary Resource Activities Across the Curriculum, Grades 4-6.
Linworth Publishing, 2003.
ISBN 1-58683-117-8. $15.95

The American Memory Collections:
Primary Resource Activities Across the Curriculum, Grades 7-9.

Linworth Publishing, 2003.
ISBN 1-58683-132-1. $15.95

Now you can draw from the millions of digital items available in the Library
of Congress American Memory Collection to enhance your classroom lessons.
These books show you how to effectively use the vast American Memory Collections in
all types of coursework to enhance your instructional program. Lessons are organized
alphabetically and all align with curriculum standards from AASL and McREL.

Order online at: http://www.linworth.com/publishing_books.cfm

Susan H. Veccia, Librarian and Educational Consultant
Uncovering Our History: Teaching with Primary Sources. American
Library Association, 2003.
ISBN 0-8389-0862-4. $35.00

Using primary sources to teach history, which goes beyond rote memorization of dates
and facts, has been incorporated into the educational standards of nearly every state. For overburdened K–12 teachers, librarians, and media specialists, complying with those
standards is easier said than done. This useful handbook offers readers practical ways to incorporate these standards into their curriculum, using the resources of the Library of Congress’s American Memory Web site.

Order online at: http://www.alastore.ala.org/

An Adventure of the American Mind is a Library of Congress funded program, administered through the ERC.
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