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An Adventure of the American Mind: Joining Educators and Students With Library of Congress Resources

K-12 Teacher Courses

Classroom-based Training

Overview | Supporting Materials
Taxonomies: Skill-Centered | Research-Centered | Integrated Teaching


The In-Service, classroom based, Teacher Training Program, has been the core of the first phase of AAM. The program began in January of 2000 and over 600 in-service teachers have been trained by this method. The training includes a:

  • Graduate-level, three-credit course
  • Supplemental technology including a laptop computer for each teacher
    (not required in the syllabi presented here)
  • Pedagogical training
  • Mentoring program

Supporting Materials

Regardless of the approach to teaching the AAM classroom program, there are many elements in common. The various agreements may be edited to meet individual Partner needs.


An examination of lesson plans from the AAM Partners has identified three taxonomies. Each approach results in an outcome that meets the goals of the AAM program, but with a slightly different emphasis on additional learning.

Concentrates on developing technology skills related to using American Memory primary resources and computer hardware and software. This yields increased teacher computer skill proficiency and utilization of American Memory resources to enhance teaching and learning activities.

Concentrates predominantly on integrating American Memory primary resources, research and teaching strategies related to pedagogy and identifying proven teaching/learning methodologies. This results in enhanced teaching skills levels and use of American Memory resources to enhance teaching and learning activities.

Integrated Teaching
Concentrates on fundamentals of instructional technology, identified to include pedagogy, proven methodologies, computer technology skills, utilizing American Memory primary resources, and focus on community-connectedness. This results in teachers learning how to use comprehensive instructional design to enhance teaching and learning experiences.

An Adventure of the American Mind is a Library of Congress funded program, administered through the ERC.
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